Moon, Stars & Open Jars: Divorce Journal For Kids by Kids

Moon, Stars & Open Jars: Divorce Journal For Kids by Kids

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Amazon #1 New Release for Blended Families & Step Parenting - “Moon, Stars & Open Jars” which was designed to help kids (ages 5-10 years old) who are experiencing the painful, traumatic life event of separation and/or divorce.  As we know, it can be difficult for a child, when their parents separate and/or divorce, as they often have many emotions and feelings that they don’t have the vocabulary to express or understand. The journal was designed to encourage children to explore, express, and understand some of the BIG emotions that they may be feeling and to guide them in processing it all, for themselves. 

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[1] Facilitates emotional vocabulary building; 

[2] Teaches self-awareness; 

[3] Encourages self-regulation and self-management; 

[4] Prompts healthy parent-child communication and discussion around sensitive topics; 

[5] Promotes positive socio-emotional processing skills; and 

[6] Provides children coping tools for major, traumatic life changes.