Closing the Gap

If you’re feeling stuck, or are simply interested in digging deeper with some personal development, Shamyra offers several programs for women and girls from all industries and backgrounds. She has also recently launched a new "Help the Helper" program with a mission to educate, empower, and support the leaders and professionals who help and service others with their UNCOMPROMISING self-care, with a special emphasis on educators. For those who have dedicated their lives to helping others, serving others, and leading others, self-care is usually the first thing sacrificed in the name of serving or leading, but Shamyra provides real, actionable tools and strategies that teach helping professionals how they can do both, without compromising their self-care. Take a look at the list of our offerings, below, and CONTACT US for rates and fees.


What I Do

  • Inspire, educate, and empower ALL to embrace the unwritten book of their lives and start authoring their lives, right where they are at, right NOW.

  • Establish an understanding of self-worth and value, in order to have a healthy and productive perception of self that not only includes, but requires UNCOMPROMISING self-care and RADICAL self-love, as a priority.

  • Be the catalyst for women to redefine life, on their own terms, while encouraging their discovery that their dynamic potential is boundless.

  • Ignite the spark for emotional healing through actionable content and tools that enable women to continue to do the work that leads to sustainable change.

Speaking Engagements

  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Keynote
  • Guest Panelist
  • Educator
  • Trainer
  • Teach-in Facilitator 

Signature Workshop Series Topics

It is highly likely that you have already been compromising enough... And it's about time you make YOU a priority! No more self-abandoning or self-sacrificing to a deficit. I help you get to the root of why you have not been making your self-care a non-negotiable priority and how to begin doing so, immediately.

There are many contributing factors that affect how you think and speak to yourself, and they can range from childhood wounds to life experiences and so much more. But, in order to transform how you think and speak to yourself, we have to begin with self-awareness.

Habits - both good and bad - tend to influence more of our daily lives than we realize. Consistency in habit-breaking action creates a new routine. The great thing about the process of breaking bad habits is that it can apply to almost any and every faction of our lives.