Meet the Founder

Shamyra is mama bear to two amazing boys, Ascher and Asa. She is a Charlotte native, with a mission to not only inspire but to also be a catalyst for her clients for transformation and sustainable lifestyle changes. She is a self-care expert, inspirational speaker, and 3x author whose passion in life is "helping the helper" (helping professionals and educators) by imparting strategies, actionable tools, education, and guidance to spark mindset shifts that are vital to REAL change.

Before entering the world of entrepreneurship Shamyra spent over ten years as a successful sales and marketing professional and another five years in health and wellness outreach. Leaving the corporate world and deciding to pursue the passion God placed in her heart and spirit, on a full-time basis, was truly a faith move. But Shamyra knew it was time to use her story to serve others. Having experienced her own life-altering traumas, she was led her on a healing journey that turned pain into purpose and fueled her heart for helping those who help others to be healthy and whole. 

She has firsthand experience with how mindset can either facilitate or hinder the transformation process. So, Shamyra provides workshops on the importance of developing uncompromising self-care as a non-negotiable habit for mental and physical health; compassion fatigue and burnout prevention; and "Know Your Worth; Understand Your Value" sessions.

Shamyra has also published two interactive books: "Breaking Bad: 21 Days to Break a Habit" and "Boundless by Birthright Inspirational Journal" in support of her mission and most recently co-authored a feelings journal for kids experiencing separation and divorce, with her sons Ascher and Asa. 


Shamyra looks forward to empowering and equipping those who have dedicated their lives to helping and educating other with the tools they need to implement UNCOMPROMISING self-care, as sustainable lifestyle change and habit.