Stop Pretending

Dear Boundless Bombshell Beauty,

It’s time... It’s past time... Time to get really self-honest. You don’t have to tell anyone, anything. Your answer(s) are between you and God, but I need you to take the time to REALLY think about this one.
I knew my life needed to change.
I knew my marriage was on life support, and our bright future together was getting dimmer by the day.
I knew that if we ended it, hearts would be broken and there would be pain.
I knew that life would never be the same again, but somehow, it would eventually be okay.
And yet I pretended NOT TO KNOW these hard truths, for longer than I should have.
Ultimately, it was taking ACTION, after A LOT of prayer, that was the catalyst of emotional freedom .
I mean, can you answer this question honestly, real quick: what are YOU pretending not to know right now?.... And I mean right this very moment. It may be difficult, painful, possibly even gut wrenching to answer, and/or confusing at first. .
Push through that to your answer... 



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